Carla Raads is a professional abstract seascape and landscape artist who channels the power and intensity of nature and emotion through her artwork. Having grown up along the Eastern Cape coast of South Africa, Carla's childhood was immersed in the captivating beauty of the beach and the untamed forces of the ocean. This deep connection with nature serves as the foundation for her evocative paintings.

Carla believes in breaking down barriers between inspiration, emotion, and canvas. She utilizes her hands  as a direct medium to translate her innermost feelings onto the surface of the canvas. With each stroke, she imparts her body's weight and kinetic energy to capture the essence of crashing waves and dynamic skies. This approach enables her works to possess a sense of immediacy and authenticity, reflecting the ever-changing mood and emotional depth she experiences while creating.

While mainly working with oil paint, Carla also incorporates other materials such as rag, brushwork, and spray paints into her compositions. This exploration adds texture, depth, and an immersive sensory experience to her artwork, vividly bringing forth the tang of saltwater and the radiance of the sun.

Carla's artistic journey began with formal training in fine art, which she further expanded by studying design and photography. Drawing inspiration from her coastal upbringing and the awe-inspiring power of nature, Carla's work transcends traditional boundaries and invites viewers on a deeply personal and emotive journey. Her paintings establish an intimate connection with the observer, evoking a sense of wonder and inviting them to explore the transformative power of nature through her artistic lens.

Recognized for her unique artistic voice and ability to convey profound emotions, Carla's captivating works have been exhibited in galleries and art shows internationally, captivating art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Through her intuitive approach and artistic vision, she continues to explore the depths of her artistry, promising to inspire and provoke awe in others. Carla Raads' paintings serve as a testament to the eternal beauty and intricate complexities of nature and emotion, inviting viewers to experience the raw energy and profound serenity found within her art.

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