Unveiling the Porsche Art Car: 2023 A Year of Remarkable Collaboration

2023 was undoubtedly a year filled with remarkable collaborations, and one of the most thrilling examples was the creation of the Porsche art car.

Following several successful collaborations with Porsche throughout 2023, I was honored to be named a "Driven by Dreams" ambassador. This campaign's ethos is centered around celebrating the bold dreamers who fearlessly pursue their passions. I was truly humbled and grateful for this recognition, but little did I know that an extraordinary opportunity awaited me.

In March, Porsche Preston approached me with a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to design a "Driven by Dreams" art car to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the iconic 911. Working closely with the Grafx team in Clitheroe, we meticulously crafted two stunning paintings that would serve as the inspiration for the car's wrap. The team masterfully applied the wrap to create the extraordinary 75th anniversary 911.

The first private unveiling of the art car was a moment that truly took my breath away.

On June 8th, we presented the car to the world at a dazzling event attended by over 400 VIP guests. To make the occasion even more unforgettable, my friend and mentor, Lincoln Townley, joined me on stage. Together, we unveiled the car and shared insights into its design and production, marking a truly unforgettable moment in my career.