I’m not always covered in paint...


I’m not always covered in paint and in overalls.

Before I started painting full time, I was and still am a model. I still hold representation in Manchester, London and Cape Town.

Shortly after university, on a trip to London, I was approached by a model scout. I didn’t know it at the time but this would lead me into a 12 year career of modelling, acting and presenting.

I worked nationally and internationally for many different brands, including swimwear and bridal..... so much bridal. I remember calculating the number of wedding dresses with a fellow model when the time came to choose my own wedding dress, we calculated about 3000 dresses individually in our time spent modelling.

I have many a casting and audition story that will make you cry with laughter.

I have filmed commercials for Christmas, canoeing, running, kitchens, chocolate, cars, music videos, short films, taxis, TV games, bars, dentistry... you get the picture. Some jobs wonderful, some just awful. 

Along the way I have met many interesting people and worked with very talented creatives.

Modeling in itself is an art form, you may not have full licence to create but you are a creative tool in someone else’s vision and that is very important.

Actually, being an artist is not too dissimilar to being a model. They are jobs for loners.. models may, at times, have many people around them but they turn up to location alone, they are (not all) represented by an agent but are responsible for themselves when there. In the same way artists work alone and are represented by galleries (or self represented) but really you are responsible for yourself and your work. In both careers, you are self employed and responsible for creating your own wage.

Both careers are driven by self discipline and propulsion. Both careers can bring fame or bankruptcy. Needless to say, both require a thick skin.

The benefits however of looking after yourself is that you are your own boss and with your own time you can be as creative as you like, taking on the work you want too. 
This worked well for me when I was pregnant and now that I am painting full time.

I am grateful for that chapter, I feel modelling has already taught me the discipline needed to be an artist, I have loved being in front of the camera and still do. However,  these days you will find me in front of the easel.