Botanical Paradise Collection

Introducing my new green pallete, the Botanical Paradise Collection.

This is a little different from my usual deep blue waters or far away shores.

This collection sprung into existence whilst trying to focus on getting my first collection together.  I have always used the natural world to express how I feel so I guess the transition from waves to the plant world could be expected. However it was the passing of my grandmother that really inspired this collection. I could feel the emotion swelling up in me the weeks leading to her passing and it was overwhelming, but not just in sadness, also pleasant remembrance of all the wonderful things she was.

She loved green and wore an emerald on her finger. She was strong and stylish. 

This collection, albeit inspired by my late grandmother, to me is about the places we go in our minds when we think of times gone past. The experiences we had and the people we have lost.  Moving childhood events and longings for a time that once was, little glimpses and fragments of memories.

The emotions that compelled me to paint these were strong and I feel it has reflected in the paintings. 

As always they are painted with my hand only and framed in solid wood frames I finish myself. They are all signed with my signature hand print on reverse and given a unique title.

I hope they speak to you as they have to me.